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California, 2013

visit the website of EarthRise Retreat Center, Institute of Noetic Sciences.

We collectively emphasize connectedness, community, open hearts, and unabashedly joyous and courageous exploring through our artmaking.  This retreat is a cocoon of safe and intuitive creativity, self-empowerment, and fun … while being nurtured in the majesty of the land once nurtured by the Miwok tribe.

How EarthRise Retreat Center Began:  It was literally conceived in outer space.  Dr. Mitchell was on Apollo 14’s mission to the moon.  From the EarthRise website:On the trip home Dr. Mitchell sat in the window seat of the cramped cabin of the space capsule. As he saw Earth floating freely in the vastness of space, Dr. Mitchell was engulfed by a profound sense of universal connectedness—an epiphany. In Dr. Mitchell’s own words: ‘The presence of divinity became almost palpable, and I knew that life in the universe was not just an accident based on random processes . . . The knowledge came to me directly.’  Dr Mitchell returned to Earth and founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences – derived from the Greek word nous, meaning “intuitive ways of knowing.”

We honor the sacred in the land, our selves and our artmaking sisters while taking workshops from 3 of the 5 artists below:

Journaling is a doorway into the Universe.  So why not make this door as big as we can!?  We will work on manifesting our biggest hopes and dreams through this medium.  If you have been wanting to create larger works of art but aren’t ready for big canvases, this class will take you there.  We will focus on painting faces, collage, artists crayons and acrylic ink.  Working big is so freeing and fun.  I feel it’s important to help students find that universal flow of creativity so that amazing art just happens.  But tips and techniques always helps that process too, so I will give you plenty.  When you are done, you will have 4 pages done in an 8 page journal that we will bind with a simple binding method (or you may choose to work directly in your big journal).  You will also come away with powerful tools to create your ideal life.

Download Teesha’s recommended supply list HERE.

Teesha: Teesha has always had a very strong urge to follow her gut/intuition, even when it led into areas that were unfamiliar and a little scary.  Through the last 30 years she has seen how it has made her life successful, happy and rewarding beyond her wildest expectations.  She self published an art magazine for years before the world of blogs started up, in an effort to keep people inspired and keep them creative.  She has organized over 40 art retreats over the past 15 years or so, where she brought in the best teachers in the world of mixed media to help students along on their creative paths.  A popular teacher herself, she tries to squeeze in workshops when she can due to the many requests she gets from students.  Ultimately, she has a huge desire to encourage creativity in people, to help them live better lives that are rewarding.

Laced between the fragments of our own unique narrative is the thread of humanity which stretches wide in all directions; past, present and future, encompassing and informing both our inner and our outer worlds.

 Drawing upon the wisdom of our ancestors and the indigenous keepers of the land, the inspiration of our peers and the dreams of our future selves we will paint the story of this sacred journey. On a large canvas we will explore new and non-threatening ways to make art, learn to be inspired in every moment and realize that there are no mistakes in the creative process, only opportunities to learn and grow! We will spend our time creating our paintings and mixed media pieces spontaneously and intuitively, with no expectations, a wholehearted approach and an open mind!

Download Tracy’s recommended supply list HERE.

Tracy: The universal theme of connection underlies all of my work; connection to each other and the ways in which we express our humanity; connection with the natural world and the beauty that surrounds us; connection with the divine and a sense of something greater at work in our lives. My paintings are often created intuitively and I am often surprised at the finished piece. I am inspired by our travels in Mexico and the colors, exuberance of Spirit and magical experiences I have shared with my family there.

I love texture and the sensuality, rhythm and pattern of fabrics and often incorporate these mixed media elements into my work. I believe that we are all part of an intricate and breathtaking tapestry. Our only choice in each moment is whether to be a part of the creating or a part of the unraveling.

 ‘Infinite Love’ is pilgrimage delving into our soul’s journey through Sacred Altars, Cyanotype (Sun) printing and Photography.  Your day with Madelyn will be filled with 3 sacred creative offerings: 

Sacred Love ~ ‘Building Tabernacles’:  Igniting / unearthing our relationship with self-love through three altars:  Past (release), Present (sensual / spiritual / emotional presence of self-love, and Future (magic, rapture of intention flowing from a well spring of self-love in all it’s beautiful imperfections which make us startling and unique).

Sun Printing / Cyanotype:  Using sacred elements from nature found on a walk, along with elements brought to the retreat (personal elements such as feathers, pods, negatives, words, poems) we will celebrate our connection to Mother Earth in a gorgeous, simple cyanotype print which can be created rain or shine.

‘My Sweet Muse’:  Using a camera (digital or phone) we will explore our offering to the Spiritual enlightenment of the world ~ how we can touch the lives of others and make an everlasting difference connecting with our holiest inner Goddess and sharing her with a soulFUL self portrait.

Download Madelyn’s recommended supply list HERE.

Madelyn is writer, photographer and the creator of the Persisting Stars photography ecourses. Her photography is represented by Getty images and her writing has been featured in publications around the world. She lives in a house by the sea with her luminous daughter Tess, effervescent son Noah and two beloved dogs, Roxy and Romeo.  She is currently writing her book ‘My Sweet Muse ~ awakening your inner artist with morning coffee and a whole lot of soul.’

In this workshop we will explore a range of techniques and materials, from painting to collage, with a strong emphasis on color, line, and texture. Circle time, journal writing, and simple meditation practices will open and warm us up for art making. You will create two works of art that hold your heart longings and dreams sacred, while letting your intuition and inherent creative voice guide you. The works you create will serve as symbolic and energetic totems to enhance your life, bringing more clearly your wishes to reality. Be prepared for a super fun and transformative class!

Download Alena’s recommended supply list HERE.

Alena:  Alena does what she loves best, living life as a working artist, author, and teacher. She is deeply inspired to teach others the creative process and to find their own unique voice though art making. She also has a passion for free movement, yoga, plant spirit medicine, and the healing arts.

Alena Hennessy has designed and created custom art for numerous business entities. Some current and past clients include: ABC Studios, Target, Urban Outfitters, Galison/Mudpuppy Stationary, Project Iris, Papyrus, Monique Lllulier, Lark & Loon, the City of Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Her prints and gift-wares can be found through out the US and abroad. She has exhibited her paintings in galleries in major cities though out the United States and has received press from several publications including DwellSoul Body ConnectionThe Washington PostReadyMadeRedbook, ME Home Companion, Victoria, and Natural Health magazine.

Alena’s book Cultivating Your Creative Life: How to Find Balance, Beauty, and Success as an Artist, published by Quarry Books, is now shipping and available at bookstores everywhere. |

Thousands of years ago, Woman was equal.  She was respected and seen in all her strengths as mother, daughter, sister, leader, priestess, goddess, grandmother.  Wild, full, empowered, wise, and free, she was also intuitive comforter, life-giver, cohort to the male god worshipped in every corner of the world.  Women were taught to see themselves in the image of any number of ancient archetypal representations of powerful deities, and she was one half of a whole that lived in balance.   Then the patriarchy came, and life for women began a long descent into darkness and inequality.  Things are beginning to look up … the Big Wild She is rising again.

We will dive inward to the space in which we have repressed our inner deity; with mixed media collage and the collaboration of the powerful energy that lingers in the hills of EarthRise we will unleash our own inner Big Wild She.

Through intention and artmaking ritual we will access our layers of forgotten power and vow to intimately know and nurture these vital aspects of our womanhood.  We will create a mixed media collage self-portrait that reflects our experience and the newest revelations of the Big Wild She that we, as 21st century women, still are.

Download Erin’s recommended supply list HERE.

Erin: An artist and empath, Erin experiences the world on a supernatural level.  She makes art to understand herself and the planet she lives on.  Feeling the strong and undeniable presence of universal woman-ness, she actively conjures feminine story through words and pictures. Her work conveys the delicate dance between light and shadow, and she believes we must know our depths to know our heights: we must howl in wild stark exposure at the moon in order to know true bliss in the glow of sun.  Erin’s art has been featured in numerous publications, and hangs on walls around the world.

We are so excited that Jess Greene (artist and founder of Seek Your Course) will be one of our opening speakers!  Jess is a creativity advocate, dream amplifier, and curator of transformational opportunities.

She will present a talk titled ‘Be A Strategic Creative’.  She believes that you were born creative and that if you have creative ideas you are responsible for making them happen. In her talk she will walk you through the principles she lives and works by that enable her to get massive amounts of creative work done in pursuit of her creative goals.

Jess will also be offering a very special discount on her in person 1-to-1 strategy sessions!  Visit to learn the details and to book your time with her!

We are so blessed that Katariina will be speaking alongside Jess Greene at our opening ceremony!

In her talk, Katariina will lure you out of the comfort and safety of your shoes so that you can dance your audaciously authentic story with wild, courageous vulnerability to discover what magic awaits you on the barefoot side of life where devotion to your inner divinity is requisite.

Katariina is a stirrer of souls; a midwife of wholeness and an advocate of beauty, art, and healing.  She believes in audacious creative living, and the power of Ubuntu – that we are all One.  She is grateful for the privilege to wander from state to state exploring the natural world as a peaceful nomad in her gypsy caravan with her beautiful family.

In this optional evening workshop, join Sara Eliason as she shares her secrets of homemade paintmaking!  Awaken the ancient divine connection within your timeless soul that seeks to be nourished and protected by the earth.  Learn to create natural paint finishes in your kitchen and take home recipes for decorative paints, samples of paint made in class, and an awakening to your intuitive connection to your personal color palette.

Sara holds the secrets of color alchemy, and she is a midwife of sacred space.  She is Momma to many, and a courageous explorer of the edges where newness and decay exist symbiotically.   An interior designer, color intuitive, visual storyteller, encaustic painter, maker of paints, stylist and energy healer;  her daily practice of aligning with the sanctuary of her soul allows her to step into the fullness of her expression as a weaver of sacred sanctuary.

This class will be held on Friday evening.  In exchange for a $10 donation at the beginning of the workshop you will receive Sara’s secrets to handmade paint, and samples and recipes to take home with you.

YES!  It’s TRUE!  Stacy de la Rosa will be taking a limited number of sessions during our retreat, for Wild Sacred You mini~sessions.  Your wild soul has been called.  Document this transformative moment with one sacred photograph that captures the divine goddess in you!  You will have 15 minutes with master photographer and stylist Stacy, to release your wild, one photograph.   This experience will give you a tangible treasure to honor the gifts awakening within you at this retreat, and to honor YOU.  Props included!  $45 to exchange with Stacy will give you prop styling and one image in color, and black and white.  Please email Stacy personally at for all inquiries and to set up your session.  Spaces are limited so don’t wait to book!

Stacy is a photographer and jewelry artist for mavens, mamas, mystics, misfits, and magicmakers.  She is a whole life practitioner, practicing the he(art) of the craft.

Location:  Petaluma, California about 35 miles north of San Francisco.  Please visit this link for directions and travel guidelines.

Structure:  You will select 3 teachers, and have 1 full day in a workshop with each of them.

Our time together begins at 5pm Thursday, November 7th and ends at 5pm Sunday, November 10th.

Workshop Schedule:  Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 930 -5

Accommodation:  All of the rooms have recently been renovated, are comfortable, and simply and attractively decorated.  All bedrooms are carpeted, and feature a desk and clothing bureau. Linens, blankets and towels are provided for guests.

Your Meals:  Using a bounty of sumptuous organic, locally grown, seasonal fruits and vegetables and sustainably raised fish and fowl the kitchen team creates imaginative, eclectic menus that nourish the body, soothe the soul, and warm the heart. Breakfasts and lunches are vegetarian and dinners include either a vegetarian option or a fish or fowl meat option.

Show and Sell Art Market: Teachers and students can choose to display and sell their creations at our boutique event, which will take place on the final night of our retreat. This will be a lively experience built upon sharing your talents and merchandise with your teachers and fellow Wild Souls; you can purchase original art for your collection, a signed print or book, and peruse other offerings and products.  COTWS will ask for a $55 exchange for this opportunity.  Table spaces are limited, and acquired on a first-come, first-served basis through your registration form.

On Site Offerings:  200 acres of oak woodland, hills and panoramic views of the landscape with a labyrinth, permaculture garden (which supplies our meals!), meditation hut, and hiking trails.


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